These days I’m afraid my joy may be breaking out

Of the tiny box I’ve allowed it to live inside


– It’s threatening possession –


I tried ringing a prelate, more tequila, I hid

Within a labyrinth of deep sadness but bliss was merciless,

Caught my scent, hunted muzzle first, teeth reaching towards me


And suddenly the trees swayed again, I looked in the mirror

And kept looking, suddenly fresh raspberries for my tea

And honey spread evenly across stacks of raisin toast


I stomped on glass barefoot, kept running while happiness pursued

Me like a deranged killer. I got cornered, turned and held a knife up

Shakily, screaming every trusty banishment I could muster


Delight didn’t hesitate, unhanded me and sunk the blade

Into itself, forced the blood into my mouth until I understood,

Reviving memories of a glory too great to be named


– Of what life would be like post-depression   –


Once exuberance overtakes me completely I’m afraid

There will be no turning back, I’ll be pure

Star, look too long and you’ll be burned and blinded