Lila pranced her pink pony over the continents and seas on the globe in the kitchen. She began to
imagine herself riding along a mountaintop that reached far into space. A mountain this size
would make the world look like an ice cream cone; one she would surely visit if she were an
alien looking for a sweet place to reside. The oceans would taste of Blue Moon, and Alaska
specifically would be made from Moose Tracks. Lila made her way to the freezer looking for the
frozen sweets captivated by her thoughts.

Gun shots and yelling filled the other room. Lila shrunk into the shadows and tiptoed over to the
armoire. She peaked out just enough to get a glimpse of the TV, but to remain undetected by her
parents. The screen had turned to a moldy avocado covered in chocolate syrup with the slightest
bit of red tint. There was a man dragging himself across the goo, while another walked up behind
him with chainsaw in hand. Off came one leg of the man on the ground, then the other. With one
final sweep, the man’s head came off. The one with the chainsaw picked up the limbs of this
fallen man and tossed them at another man on the field. A game of tag took place between the
two with the left leg.

A rumble from Lila’s tummy took her away from the TV and back towards the fridge. She took
out the vanilla and chocolate ice cream and placed one scoop of each into a bowl. Rainbow
colored sprinkles were added into the bowl, but not the chocolate syrup, never again. This is the
kind of world aliens would want to visit.