Chloe Hooper


We should’ve known, when Roy had handmade the die. It should have been an omen, the word itself. Everyone took turns rolling it, telling the truths or doing the dares they were assigned. While everyone played that game in the living room, I escaped outside, needed air and space to feel whole. Because the things I wanted to, needed to, talk about didn’t involve any gameplay, weren’t things you could say at a party full of people who were supposed to be having the times of their lives. You sat next to me on the back steps, cold cement...

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(when climate change reaches a peak of mass destruction)     the day our breakup was finalized national geographic released its issue on how climate change was reaching a cyclical peak capable of mass devastation. i’m flipping through pages of coral reefs in their graves, cobweb grey swallowing the pastel sponges, starving polar bears with ribs like weapons, icebergs melted until you could stick them in your glass.   everyone on twitter is panicking about global warming longing for a winter storm while i am ten feet buried. winter isn’t gone, i want to tell them looking around the...

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