Slam poetry is not your parents’ poetry; it is a way for voices and topics that never get heard to be heard. And not just be heard, but be professed, performed, aloud for ALL to hear. ANGLES is all about that.. and it is coming to St. John Fisher. Rachel Wiley and Siaara Freeman, renowned slam poets and activists, will perform this Wednesday, 3/20/2019 at 7 pm in Basil Gateway Midlevel. Both poets address issues including racism, gender, sexuality, and body image in their poetry, and do so in deeply personal and provocative ways. Wiley has been a finalist twice in National Poetry Slam Competitions, and her first full length collection of poems Fat Girl Finishing School was published by Timber Mouse Press in 2014. Her newest collection, Nothing is Okay, was published by Button Poetry in 2018. Freeman has had her work published in Black Napkin, Glass, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, Pinch, Texas Borderline Review and others. Freeman has even be recognized beyond the United States in Norway, Costa Rica and...

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The ANGLES Special Edition encases the greatest works from the first four issues of ANGLES. Editors took careful consideration when deciding which pieces truly represented the ANGLES aesthetic and mission. Our “ANGLES isn’t ___” phrase followed us through the design process of the physical copy to the launch party. ANGLES isn’t average. If ANGLES isn’t average, how could we possibly contain the best of ANGLES in an average book? We couldn’t of course. Each story sent into us was unique and handcrafted. Why shouldn’t our book be hand crafted? Countless hours were spent hand making the collages for the...

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St. John Fisher College will be exhibiting work by Brittney Bender, our beloved Featured Artist from ANGLES Issue 2. Here is a sneak peak of one of Britt’s designs to promote the show. Stay tuned for more details on the exhibition & opening reception, which rumor has it will feature deep-fried mac & cheese...

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