TWO POEMS by Natalia Quevedo De La Esprie

Bruised Dreamers The city, I think Is like a scar Ra(z)ised from the supple earth of what was Or What might have been Creeping in between the strangled dreams cradled in her palm History slops from between the fingers down back through cracks in the sidewalk Hosting...

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EGO by Emma Berg

i talked to god on the edge of a cliff. at the canyon’s bottom was a beautiful river. “L'APPELDUVIDE!” i cried out to him. “this is everything you wish to be,” he responded.   i saw god in the spaces between her teeth. he smiled mockingly, tantalizingly, daring...

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The Lovers Red— Lips stumbling over each other like a newborn calf, eyes jumping like a flea There’s a level 5 earthquake in his leg No one’s ever been nervous about meeting you He says something, and it makes you laugh, and a gorgeous inky blush blooms across his...

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