Fitting into the Fisher family

By Noelle Acquilano, Staff Writer

The first couple of weeks on campus can be rather intimidating. There are new classes with different professors, and a whole new set of expectations that vary from class to class. Often times, adjusting to this change can be rather difficult, and so with this in mind I set out to discover how to efficiently adjust to life at college.

My first piece of advice, and probably the most obvious, is to reference the syllabus.

“Students in my class will know what they are reading a week from now, a month from now because it is all on my syllabus,” said instructor of religious studies Professor Robert Dunbar.

This tactic allows me to plan my schedule more efficiently. No one wants to do homework at the last minute, and organizing the information on each syllabus into a personal agenda can help prevent this.

Other advice includes joining a club. Freshman Keanna Serviss believes this is helpful because “it’s an easy way to make new friends.” Fisher has over 70 different clubs and organizations that students can join to help make college life more enjoyable and most importantly, it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Commuter students can also have an enjoyable college experience even without living on campus.

Kaili Saffran, a freshman commuter, said “Introducing yourself to one person in each of your classes will help you make friends.”

This is especially helpful for commuter students because the people you befriend can be the individuals you hang out with on breaks and eat lunch with. Speaking from personal experience as a commuter myself, going that extra mile to make a friend in every class helps you to assimilate to college life.

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