Bingo creates a larger Fisher family

Photo by Mikaela Huber
Photo by Mikaela Huber

By Olivia Musacchio and Mikaela Huber, Staff Writers

Fisher students created new friendships while a unique form of bingo was facilitated by Student Activities Board (SAB) on Sept. 23 in Cleary Family Auditorium.

SAB Signature Events Coordinator Jordan Wood explained what made Buddy Bingo different.

“We try and stay away from your regular bingo, coming in and winning prizes,” he said. “It sounds cheesy, but it’s like speed dating and bingo at the same time. So, at the end of each round students have to run to a new table and introduce themselves to new people.”

Inside the auditorium, prizes lined the stage. Students had the opportunity to win a flat screen TV, gift cards, Fisher gear, a Polaroid camera, a speaker and outdoor activities.

With large prizes on the line, the phrase BINGO might not have been screamed as often as one may think. In order to make the game more challenging, participants needed to claim a variety of non-traditional winning locations on their boards.

In addition to building relationships, this new approach to bingo might have encouraged students to stay on campus, especially during the first month of the semester.

Freshman Juliana Nouza said, “I’m glad it (the event) was on a Saturday afternoon, so we can have something to do and I like events like this where everyone can go to and just have fun.”

According to the SAB website, SAB provides the greatest number of activities on campus for students. Wood mentioned that he wants to plan bigger events in the future that includes families and more people on the Fisher campus.

“The main goal for SAB is to keep students engaged on our campus and to help students network and meet new people and to create a fun atmosphere for them,” explained Wood.

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