New Arts and Sciences Dean brings experience to higher education

By Ogechukwu Adiele, Staff Writer 

After two years of having interim deans, Ann Marie Fallon took over as the new School of Arts and Sciences Dean this July.

“I really am excited to be at St John Fisher,” Fallon said. “I am excited to work with the students and I am looking forward to building with our faculty an even better school for arts and science than we already have. Every time I meet with other students, I find out that there are other amazing projects to be working on. I am looking forward to shining a light on that and making those opportunities available for all of our students.”

Fallon received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, and a Masters and PhD from the University of Virginia.

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She gained experience in higher education administration at Portland State where she worked with about 1,800 freshman within the university studies program.

“I loved teaching and I love having an impact on my students and then I was like it’s better in the administration,” she said. “You’ve got to have an impact on not just on the 30 students in your class but on 1,300 students and you can really relate.”

Additionally, Fallon founded the honors college at Portland State. When she took it over, she grew the program from 20 students to 1,000 students. She helped to create various opportunities for research projects as well.

However, she said her professional endeavors aren’t her only accomplishments.

“I think my most significant [accomplishment] has been raising two girls and that’s a really important part of who I am and how I think about the world,” Fallon said.

Fallon is originally from western Oregon and she made the move with her family to Rochester this summer.

“We go hiking as a family together and we enjoy our house with our big yard so we have been gardening together now,” Fallon said.

She likes to go running with her older daughter, who will participate in cross country this year, and read and do puzzles with her younger daughter.

“People have been so kind, in the school and in the community,” Fallon said. “We are really enjoying Rochester. There’s so much to do; we have been to all these festivals, the play museum, and we have been hiking in the area. We enjoy hiking and biking on the canal. We have just been having a great time.”

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