Rochester’s hidden gem: Corbett’s Glen Nature Park

Photo by Brian Boye
Photo by Brian Boye

By Brian Boye, Staff Writer 

For many Fisher students, their time at Fisher is the longest they have stayed in the Rochester area. Due to this, many want to explore the area to see some of the major attractions but may not know where to start. With the last few months of nice weather upon us, getting outside is a great idea, and Corbett’s Glen Nature Park is a great place to choose.

Corbett’s Glen Nature Park is a town park located along Allen Creek in Brighton. Nestled between residential areas, it truly is a hidden gem. There are two parking areas available. First, there is parking on Glen Road within the designated signs. Second, there is a parking lot off of Penfield Road.

From Fisher, the park is just a two mile drive that takes about six minutes. Parking on Glen Road is the better of the two options, due to its proximity to the creek and the falls. A walk towards the end of Glen Road leads to a wooden bridge over Allen Creek and a tunnel under the railroad tracks, and this begins the Perimeter Trail.

The Perimeter Trail is an easy one-mile loop. The eastern portion of the trail follows Allen Creek with multiple paths to access the creek and all three waterfalls. A good idea is to complete a hike and then cool off in the creek. The creek is no more than three feet deep, which makes for a nice wade.

There are three notable waterfalls in the park. The first of the three waterfalls is on the north end of the railroad tunnel. Then there is middle falls, located between the other two. Lastly there is Postcard Falls, the largest of the waterfalls in the park at nearly six feet tall. A little after this, the trail and the creek diverge, as Allen Creek flows eastward to its outlet at Irondequoit Creek in Penfield while the trail continues northward before looping back to the railroad tunnel.

The Woodchip Trail in the western section of the park is for more challenging hikes. It is accessible via the southwest portion of the Perimeter Trail loop over a hill. The trails in the park total two miles and overall are wide and clear, making for excellent hikes. The park is dominated by trees, along with a meadow section as well.

The glen has been growing in popularity for hiking, fishing, photography, and to cool off on a hot day. The Rochester area is blessed by numerous bodies of water with county and town parks located along them. The number of well-maintained parks are large and worth the visit when in the area.


  1. Thank you for a great article highlighting this special place in our area. I look forward to exploring this hidden gem. Your well writen article captured my adventure seeking spirit. Thank you.

  2. The Sustainability Learning Community visits Corbett’s Glen every fall. If you want to add a follow-up to this story, let me know, and I can tell you all about it. (Dr. Uman, English)

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