Fisher Falls to University of Rochester in Mark’s Crosstown Shootout Opener

Fisher guard Sean Williams scoring a 3-pointer for his team. (Photo Provided by Camryn Bowen)

Posted on 11/27/19

By, Camryn Bowen – Staff Writer

The University of Rochester edged St. John Fisher by a final score of 78-75 in the opening game of the Mark’s Pizzeria Crosstown Shootout Thursday, Nov. 21 at the University of Rochester.

UR scored first after gaining possession from the tip-off, immediately putting them in the lead. The teams traded scores until UR built a double-digit lead midway through the first half. 

After a short time out, Fisher made a comeback, bringing them to a one point lead, 35-34. St. John Fisher’s point guard, Sean Williams, ripped out eight points for the team, fueling the comeback. From that point, the two teams took the lead on and off for the next three minutes.

At halftime, Fisher led, 43-41. As the game continued, Fisher lost momentum, giving Rochester the opportunity to take the lead again. With 11 minutes on the

University of Rochester forward Ryan Algier shooting past Fisher’s defense. (Photo Provided by Camryn Bowen)

clock, Rochester was in the lead at 59-52. UR Ryan Algier, one of the team’s top scorers, had five of these points. 

Fisher point guard Mark Valeriani gained advantage again from a 3-pointer in the corner. Fisher gained momentum back from this, as they continued to move around the court with ease. There was strong ball-work between Williams, Valeriani and forward James Leone, as they made a comeback to a 66-66 score with less than five minutes on the clock.

The air in the gym was intense as the last few minutes of the game played out. Fisher’s lead scorer, Sammy Robinson, shot a 3-pointer, bringing St. John Fisher into the lead. Williams hit a 3-pointer as well, bringing the score to 73-67. However, in the time remaining, Rochester pulled ahead and brought the score up to 76 with a minute left.

Fisher retaliated with a layup and brought their score up to 75, but they still needed to pull ahead. Rochester came back and got another two points, bringing them to 78 points. With 14 seconds left in the game, Fisher still needed a 3-pointer in order to tie it up but was not able to convert. 

“I think we played well, just a few mistakes late in the game that cost us. Other than that, we played very well and I’m proud of my guys,” Williams said after the game. 


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