NBA MVP Race Heats Up Heading Into December

Posted on 12/4/19

By, Matthew Holmes – Staff Writer

As the NBA heads into December in the 2019-2020 season, it’s not too early to look at possible MVP candidates. Following one of the most impactful off-seasons in league history, the NBA is fully stocked with new duos across the league. With the Golden State Warriors losing 2-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant and being plagued by injuries to their stars, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and D’angelo Russel, it is now safe to say the dynasty is over and is in tank mode this season.

All in all, the league is exciting as ever and the title is up for grabs. Who will be the next player to lead their team through the regular season and receive the title for NBA’s Most Valuable Player? Here’s my top 5 picks for MVP this year so far.

Lebron James

The Lakers finally were able to acquire Lebron’s desired Co-Star, and finalize a blockbuster trade for the New Orleans Pelican’s power forward Anthony Davis, in exchange for the Lakers’ young core including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and other assets.

With Davis’s presence and a new array of role players, Lebron has flourished with the new roster. James is leading the league with assists, averaging 10.9 apg and is tenth in scoring with 27.7 ppg.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the clear favorites for the NBA title and he’s not only leading them towards the top seed in the West, but also one of the top defensive teams in the NBA and. The critically acclaimed “washed king” is coming into the season hot, reminding the league who The King is.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Despite a disappointing playoff run in last years playoffs, we cannot forget about what a 6’ 11”, 242 pound, absolu

te beast of a power forward is doing the East.

The reigning MVP has picked up right where he left off last season. He’s leading the top team in the East, claiming second in league in scoring with 30.8 ppg, and fourth in rebounds with 13.4 ppg. The Milwaukee Bucks were favorites to come out of the East last year and it was considered to be Giannis’ break out year, but resulted in an absence in NBA Finals.

However, with more playoff experience for Giannis and the Bucks, this could be the year they finally reach the finals. The scary part is that Giannis ceiling is still so high and this could be the year he finally receives another MVP award and a championship ring to add to his resume.

James Harden

Yes, the Houston Rockets shooting guard/point guard is one of the top candidates for the award again.

Despite being criticized for his style of play, Harden is still putting up outrageous numbers. The Beard is currently leading the league in points and 3-pointers made, averaging an insane 39.5 ppg and 4.9 3pm. He’s constantly ridiculed for his performance in the playoffs however, his teams were consistently ranked as the top offenses in the league and as well in NBA history.

Also, let’s not forget that Rockets have not lost to just any ordinary team in the playoffs. The Golden State Warrior dynasty and juggernaut of talent has always stood in there way. With injuries excluding the Warriors from any playoff run, perhaps this is the year that Harden gets over the hump and makes it to the Finals with another NBA MVP under his belt.

Luka Doncic

Is it easier to score in the NBA than the Euroleague? Doncic believes so, and his numbers are not lying.

The 20 year old, reigning rookie of the year is breaking records, becoming the youngest player to since Magic Johnson to record seven triple-doubles in just 14 games. Doncic is third in the league in scoring and second in assists, averaging 30.8 ppg and 9.4 ast. The kid from Slovenia is proving he can do just about anything on the basketball court. 

He’s leading a Dallas Mavericks team who is fourth in the western conference and fourth in the league in scoring. Doncic is looking to lead the Mavs to their first playoff run since 2015-2016. If Doncic doesn’t win the award this year, he’s definitely a favorite in the future.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis got his wish granted this off-season, getting traded to play alongside superstar Lebron James on the

 Los Angeles Lakers.

To no surprise, the power forward/center has allowed the Lakers to get over the hump. The Lebron and Davis combo could become one of the most dominant pick and roll duos since Shaq and Kobe. Davis is second in the league in the blocks and seventh in scoring with  2.17 blk and 26.1 ppg.

The Lakers are arguably the top defensive team in the league, and Davis is one of the biggest reasons. I would not be surprised if Davis got the MVP this year despite playing along side Lebron James.


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