Yoga centers Fisher students

 By Lindsey Garrant, Staff Writer

St. John Fisher College students find relaxation and stress relief in the form of yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. in the Michaelhouse Complex.

Students enhance both muscular strength and flexibility, as they complete various yoga poses. Carol Ziegler, the Assistant to the Dean of the School of Education and yoga instructor at Fisher, demonstrates each pose. A larger group of students, largely female, will then mimic Ziegler.

The environment is very relaxed, quiet and focused. While attempting to master the same yoga poses, students begin to form a bond and a sense of comradery arises.

After eight years of experience, Ziegler describes yoga as, “a practice of connecting your breath, and your mind, and your body. Some people use it to increase flexibility, some people use it to improve their self-esteem, some people use it just as a way of calming down and getting self-control.”

Ziegler welcomes new members and suggested that participants wear comfortable clothing, bring water and an open mind. Mats are provided.

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