Fisher partners with Wegmans to wipe out flu

St. John Fisher partnered with Wegmans to offer flu shots. (Katelyn Perry, Staff Photographer)

By Diana Russo, Lifestyles Editor

St. John Fisher College partnered with Wegmans’ Pharmacy to provide flu vaccines in hopes of reducing the risk of flu illness to the Fisher community this Fall.

This year, The Wellness Center has provided three opportunities to receive the flu shot at Fisher, at various locations throughout campus.

Those who were unable to previously attend, can receive their flu shot from Wegmans’ pharmacists on Oct. 18 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. in WSop 224 and on Wednesday Nov. 2 and Saturday Nov. 5. Time and location are to be determined.

In the near future, student nurses will administer flu vaccines because of the partnership between The Wellness Center and the School of Nursing. This will expose student nurses to real world experiences and the opportunity to practice skills they are learning. Date, time and location are still yet to be announced for student administration of flu vaccines.

Rebecca Kieffer, Director of the Health and Wellness Center said, “According to statistics kept for the 2015-2016 academic year, there were about 700 doses given during the flu season. One hundred sixty were faculty/staff.”

Since flu viruses rapidly evolve, a previous flu shot may not create immunity in the body to the current flu virus. It is estimated that St. John Fisher College has administered these services for 10 years in hopes of protecting those from every new evolving flu virus.

Although several may experience temporary flu like symptoms after the administration of the flu vaccine, Kieffer said, “As we promote Health and Wellness and as a part of this we encourage all students and faculty/staff to be vaccinated.”

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