Feminist Alliance creates anti-Trump display

Anti-Trump T-shirts hang in the Keough Quad. (Olivia Wild, Staff Photographer)
A T-shirt made by Shannon Dehoff. (Olivia Wild, Staff Photographer)
Alyson Windnagle, Kelli Wenrich, Jenna Campisi and Lexie Lord hang T-shirts for The Clothesline Project. (Olivia Wild, Staff Photographer)

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer

Students and faculty of the Feminist Alliance have displayed shirts for the Clothesline event and first anti-Trump event. The display began Family Weekend, Oct. 28, and ends the prior week, Nov. 4.

Professor Lisa Cunningham, a part of women and gender studies at Fisher, said that the event “was created and is maintained in this context—to give a voice to so many people who feel that their voices cannot otherwise be heard.”

Students who are not a part of the Feminist Alliance can make T-shirts too as the event is open to all students.

A focus of the Clothesline Project unique to 2016 is the anti-Trump T-shirts, which can be seen in the Keough Quad outside the Campus Center. In front of the row of anti-Trump T-shirts is a sign that says “Consent Trumps Everything.”

Shannon Dehoff, a student at Fisher who participated in the anti-Trump shirt event, said that “more than anything, I think the messages themselves are the powerful part. The medium of using T-shirts gives the benefit of being a physical statement in an age of electronics and web media.”

“Hopefully students, faculty, staff, and others in the Rochester area will see the power in the Clothesline Project,” Dehoff added. “With the election exactly a week from today, perhaps those who see our T-shirts will more seriously consider the implications of voting and thereby supporting a candidate who regularly degrades women and minorities.”

“I hope that they elicit dialogue about how Trump is implicated in issues of sexual assault, objectification, and sexism,” said Cunningham. “This was a compelling student-led initiative of the Feminist Alliance designed to draw attention to a candidate who has said that because he is a star he can do anything to women, including kiss them and ‘Grab them by the p—y.’”

“I hope that students have conversations about how this is not ‘locker room talk;’ it is the textbook definition of sexual assault,” she added.


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