Gilmore Girls revival gets mixed reviews

By Morgan Andersen, Staff Writer

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered on Netflix on Nov. 25th. It was a much-anticipated revival of a favorite fan show. There were four episodes, one for each season, each being 90 minutes.

The show picked up from where season 7 of the original series left off: Rory had gone off to follow Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and Luke and Lorelai had finally gotten together after working through the many challenges thrown their way.

Since its release, there have been a mixture reactions about the path that creator and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino took when writing these four episodes.

Rory seemed to be unsure of what career path she was going to follow, after challenges with Conde Nast and the subject of her book, Naomi Shropshire. Ultimately she ends up writing a book about her life growing up with Lorelai.

During this period, Rory is in a relationship with an engaged Logan Huntzberger. She flies back and forth to London many times during the series to see him. Many fans argued that the relationship in the revival ruined all the character development in the last few seasons in the original Gilmore Girls Series.

When the revival picks up, Emily Gilmore is still mourning the loss of her husband, Richard Gilmore. After the actor Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014, the death was written into the scripts for the revival.

Emily’s journey took her down a new path, being alone for the first time in fifty years. The journey that Emily discovers in the was extremely well-written and was one of the highlights.

In the first episode of the revival, Lorelai is happily in a relationship with Luke Danes. Throughout the revival, Luke and Lorelai go through several rough patches.

Ultimately, in the end, there is a grand speech by Lorelai, and a surprise wedding arranged by Luke. Lorelai passes through a sort of self-discovery stage, including a trip to hike like Reese Witherspoon in Wild after her father passes and she has a massive argument with her mother.

Many of viewer’s favorites were back in these episodes including: Dean, Jess, Lane, Sookie, Taylor, Kirk, and many of the beloved characters that made Gilmore Girls a fan-favorite.

I was so excited for this series revival and my biggest wish about the revival was that it would provide closure for all the characters. The character development with Emily and Lorelai was fantastic. Seeing how Richard’s death affected all of them was touching. I loved the whole steampunk scene with the Life and Death Brigade; it was both humorous and touching to see that they all came back to her.

However, I am beyond frustrated with the way that the revival ended. This Rory Gilmore is not the one that fans fell in love with years ago. The Rory that I know and loved would never string a guy like Paul along because she kept forgetting about him. She was the “other woman” again, and considering what it did to Dean’s marriage and how she was affected, I never thought they would make her this character again. The Rory in the original series would be ashamed of how revival Rory acted. It was disappointing to see the drastic change in Rory.

Overall, the revival has had mixed reviews, but to decide if you like it or not you gotta give it a try! Gilmore Girls: A Year of the Life is streaming on Netflix now.

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