White supremacist fliers posted on campus

By Morgan Andersen, Staff Writer 

On Dec. 7th, late at night, an incident occurred on the campus of St. John Fisher College. Fliers that promoted the White Supremacist beliefs were found posted on various buildings and dormitories during the night and early morning time.

The college was quick to respond, and security was informed of the fliers as soon as they were found. The fliers were removed by campus security as soon as reported. Dr. Gerard Rooney, the President of the college, issued a statement to university staff and students the next day.

The statement went on to explain the incident and express the frustration and sadness caused by the incident. In the statement, Rooney said, “I am both saddened and angered by what took place, and I want to reassure the Fisher community that you are safe here, that everyone is valued here, and that incidents like these will be promptly and appropriately addressed. Ours is an inclusive community that welcomes all individuals regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious background.”

The investigation to find out who is responsible for this incident is on-going at the moment.

Check back for an updated story.

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