Human Trafficking Panel takes place at SJFC

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Jan. 26, the panel event “Human Trafficking: A Rochester Problem Too” was held at the Golisano Gateway between 11 a.m. to 5:35 p.m.

There were five different panels throughout the day. With topics such as international human trafficking issues, law enforcement, and legal issues, health care and social work issues, and various topics related to human trafficking.

Maureen Barry, a professor in the English department at Fisher, organized the event. Barry said, “I did it all with the help of other people. It came out of an idea, and nobody seemed to go through with it, so I did it.”

Barry received help from Juana Vega, the assistant director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity, as well as various others both in the St. John Fisher community and outside.

A friend of Professor Barry, Tanya Parmalee Conley, a lawyer who specializes in child welfare law, helped her by giving her a list of recommended people that should be on the panel. Barry said, “she gave me a list of individuals. I just kept contacting people until I had enough people on my panel.”

Presenters on the panel included: survivors, police officers, lawyers, judges, doctors, founders of clinics and foundations, social workers and more. There were about 16 members who attended the panel. The panelists talked for about 30 minutes of the panel session, then anyone who had a question asked it.

Students, faculty, and others were consistently coming in and attending the panels between classes. Golisano Gateway was full of people for the whole duration of the event.

Barry had the entire panel recorded and will find a way so that all Fisher students can access the panel. But unfortunately, at the moment she has not figured out a way. So shortly, there will be more details regarding the recording.

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