Campus read of ‘All American Boys’ highlights successful Unity Week

By Khari Demos, Sports Editor

In an effort to inform members of the St. John Fisher and Rochester communities on race relations, diversity, and police brutality, there was a campus read of the book All-American Boys on Tuesday. The event was part of Unity Council’s Unity Week.  


The 2015 novel won numerous awards, including being named a 2016 Coretta Scott King Author Honor book.

The story revolves around Rashad Butler and Quinn Collins, a black and white high school student in Springfield, MA. Collins witnessed Butler being beaten by a white police officer Paul Galluzo outside of a convenient store, who was also essentially Collin’s father figure as well.

This event started off with Dr. Arlette Smith’s “American Dream” class giving a presentation on some of the major themes of the story . Some of these included masculinity, family, race/stereotypes, and the concept of being “all-American.”

The second half of the read was led by Dr. Jenna Rossi’s “brave conversations” course, which is heavily rooted in the practice of sustained dialogue. Themes of the book were split up into specific tables, with the students in the class moderating the table discussions.

Rossi shared that she was thankful to have had our school’s Provost Kevin Railey giving the ceremony’s introductory remarks and that the event was a success.

“We had some really substantive conversations,” she said. “My honors class is really looking forward to, with Dr. Arlette’s class, in taking this to the next step, and really trying to understand racial divide at Fisher and in Rochester, and changes we can make right this semester.”

Rossi welcomed both faculty and students on Thursday night to give feedback on how Unity week went.  

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