Norma’s Lackmann legacy

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer 

On March 24, Fisher held a celebratory dinner for Norma Smith’s retirement from Lackmann after working in the Ward-Haffey dining hall for 18 years. Those in attendance consumed food in the dining hall that was specifically chosen by Smith.

Andrea Maccarone, the director of dining services, said that she has worked with Smith for about eight years. “When we knew that she was going to retire and spend a little more time with her family we had to, us as a Fisher family, had to give her a fond farewell,” said Maccarone.

Smith said that she will miss the students the most. “I will come in and see the kids and say hi when I can,” said Smith. Although Smith plans on “taking it easy” she said, “I wasn’t ready to break and say goodbye.”

Colby Brown, a student at Fisher who also helped Campus Life and Lackmann plan the event said, “she has been a true member of the Fisher Family.” Brown said, “we all love her smiling face and her warm personality.”

Maccarone decided to publicize the event, in hopes that former students would come support Smith as well. Maccarone said, “a couple of days ago, I actually posted an invitation on our Facebook page…I asked if people didn’t have a chance to come by today if they can send some well wishes.”

Alumni and current students posted messages on the Facebook page. “There are over 60 messages that we printed to give to Mrs. Norma,” said Maccarone.

Responding to Maccarone’s Facebook post, Brown said “It just blew up on social media so it shows that the Fisher Family is all about Norma.”

Smith’s legacy will remain with her as she took home a book that students wrote messages in and letters that spell SJFC.

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