50 Days until graduation celebration for 2017 class

Treasurer Josh Ungaro, President James Rustowitz and Vice President Jake Rustowicz came together to plan this 50 Days Until Graduation event for the 2017 class.

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer

The Class of 2017 felt lucky about their future at the casino themed 50 Days Until Graduation party held in MainStage on March 24 at 7 p.m.

The event could be viewed as a success because students filled Mainstage entirely. Treasurer, Josh Ungaro said, “Already a few minutes into the event we have a huge turn out, which again just shows that our class is so close and that it’s great that we’re getting to celebrate these 50 days before graduation.”

An array of food and drinks were served, and seniors also had the opportunity to make a donation to the Senior Class Gift.

Madison Hornick, a student in the Class of 2017, said that she is planning to donate through the online form. Students can choose to donate through the sjfc.edu website or at the event.

Volunteers from all classes were helping out with the games and drinks at the event. Ungaro said, “The volunteers came together pretty quickly which is good. It kind of shows that there is a lot of support for our class.”

James Rustowicz, the president, Jake Zarzycki, the vice president and Ungaro, received help from Endeavor Entertainment and Lackmann to set up the event. Rustowicz said “they came in, help set it up for us, and provided food and drinks for all the seniors.”

There were multiple choices of food to eat for the seniors. Zarzycki said “this year we added the hummus as a healthier option because last year a lot of the food was just fried food.”

“It’s Fisher’s way of kind of saying congratulations to the senior class but also to get them involved… It’s an all around nice event for them to throw for us,” said Hornick.

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