Facial mask myths: Unmasking my experience

IMG_2125By Diana Russo, Lifestyles Editor

When it comes to taking care of the largest organ on our bodies, our skin, there is no wonder why we can be so skeptical of all the beauty products hitting the shelves. With that being said, let’s get to the truth about those black charcoal face masks filtrating social media.

I recently tried the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask and I woke up the next day feeling like Beyonce. I would definitely recommend using this product to de-stress or prohibit breakouts, especially during final exam week.

I generally have very clear skin with minimal breakouts, but I tend to have very sensitive skin. I was worried that I was going to have a reaction to the mask or it was going to make my skin considerably dry. However, after 30 minutes when I took off the mask, my face was clearer, my pores were noticeably smaller and my face was glowing for days. Therefore, I was very pleased with the results after using this mask.

Ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are not a lie, open your wallets because this mask is a definite hit. Although, when I apply the mask in the future, I will do a few things differently.

  1. I would definitely wash and pat dry my face prior to application. I think it would be helpful to remove any excess dirt, lotions or makeup already on your face.
  2. When applying, I would suggest using a foundation brush. The serum is very sticky and would adhere to the skin much easier with a brush rather than using your fingers. I applied the mask with my fingers and the mask was very uneven. I would have saved more product or possibly had even better results if the serum was applied evenly to my face.
  3. The directions advise users to keep the mask away from their eyes. They weren’t exaggerating with that suggestion because the skin under the eye is thin and sensitive. I would not apply the serum in the immediate area that concealer is applied. My eyes began to slightly burn/water when I applied the serum a little too close to my eyes.
  4. Although the mask makes your face feel tight after it is applied, I felt very little pain when I pulled off the mask. However, I was not able to remove the entire mask. If that is the case, I would suggest removing the excess residue with warm water and your normal face wash. Following, I would highly recommend moisturizing your face. I prefer Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion or Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

The Boscia Multi-Masking Medley can be bought at Sephora for $18. It includes two Luminizing Black Masks, one Green Tea Oil-Control Mask and one Bright White Mask. I loved the black mask so much, I may purchase the large tube of the Black Luminizing Mask at Sephora for $34.

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