Outdoors Club and Sustainability raises awareness for the environment

By Peggy Hogan-Rao, Managing Editor 

Looking back on Earth Week, the biggest event to celebrate the environment was the Fast Forward Film Festival that took place on Tuesday, April 18.

The Fast Forward Film Festival was a big screening event on campus to raise awareness of saving the environment through short films. There was a promotion for the Film Festival during free period that Tuesday.

Dr. Michael Boller of the biology department said, “it’s an electric bike that is powered up by the lights, the LED strips. So that was just for the film festival.”

Another way to promote the Fast Forward Film Festival was the chalk drawings seen around campus on the sidewalks.

“We had some stencils that Dr. Boller made for us, and it was just to raise awareness about the Fast Forward Film Festival and that it was Earth Week,” said president of the Outdoors Club Alyssa Gaffney.

The Fast Forward Film Festival had 17 short films all about the environment. The Film Festival is organized by the Lost Bird Foundation in Rochester, and all the short films are made by local people in Rochester.

Boller described the short films.

“There were a bunch made by adults, and they range from little stories about people’s relationship with the environment like one of the youth films is about how a girl in the city sees nature and how she interacts with it and how her and her friends can look forward to the future,” he said. “Another youth one was kind of like a how to video on how to make worm farms; that was made by a student in Pittsford who went back to his elementary school where they did this program to make earth worm farms so things like that.”

On Thursday, Outdoors Club had a table in Campus Center for distributing green ribbons to seniors. This is part of a pledge that seniors can take before they graduate, The Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Gaffney explained how committing to being environmental friendly after graduation is simple: “So basically it’s just thinking of the environment a little bit more in any of your work places. Like sustainability can be incorporated into any new job you have. It can be as simple as using less paper at your future job.”

To take this pledge, all you have to do is take the pledge, and then you get a green ribbon to wear at graduation on your gown. Because it is the end of the semester, Gaffney and Boller said it was hard to plan too many events for Earth Week.

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