Hidden gems of drugstore makeup

Photo provided by pexels.com
Photo provided by pexels.com

By Mikaela Huber, Staff Writer

The contrast in price between high end makeup and drugstore makeup is substantial, so it’s easy to understand why one would prefer to look in the aisles of a local CVS opposed to a Sephora. With that being said, the search for quality drugstore makeup is often painstaking and aggravating. However, I have found several drugstore makeup brands that are as effective and tempting to purchase as premium makeup.


If you’re striving for the classic Kylie Jenner matte lips, then Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is the product for you. The consistency of the lipstick is great and it actually drys matte. Since this product is cheaper than premium makeup, the drying process can take longer. This drugstore find has the price tag of $6-$8, compared to the Kylie Jenner MATTE LIP KITS that cost $29-$45.  


Covergirl Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation works as a primer, concealer and foundation. It provides medium coverage and manages to even out skin tones. Since my makeup stays on all day, while also maintaining a lightweight consistency, I am impressed with how well the product acts as a primer. Quite often, I feel the need to purchase all three products to create a bright and even face that lasts all day. But with this $10 product, I save money and time.


A good pencil eyeliner is hard to come by but, L’ORÉAL Paris Silkissime Eye Liner is one of the best liners I have used. I am impressed that not a lot of pressure needs to be applied to put on this liner that is available in 10 colors. Whether you want to create a bold cat eye or a simple line to accentuate your features, this $9 liquid can be used to create a variety of looks.


It is often thought that good brushes can help create a flawless look because the bristles on the brush are soft and rarely fall out. High end makeup stores sell brush collections that can cost $40-$200. I was impressed with the quality of brushes from Wet n Wild and EcoTools. The high quality bristles make these drugstore purchases stand out. Brushes from Wet n Wild can even be purchased at a Dollar Tree and both brands only cost $13-$29.

Drugstore makeup is a good investment if you don’t want to spend a whole paycheck at Sephora or Ulta. The quality of makeup is comparable to high end makeup, the price is practical and your favorite makeup can be purchased at the convenience of your local drugstore. The next time you’re in an aisle full of makeup, look for these brands because they won’t disappoint.

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