Midterms creep up on students

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

By Noelle Acquilano, Staff Writer 

Midterm week is here, and many students are beginning to feel the stress that comes with it. While this week can be very difficult, there are various ways to ensure a student’s success.

“I make flashcards, and form study groups with my friends, and I just try to focus on what I don’t know,” said freshman Kaili Saffran.

Forming study groups allows students the chance to review material and use other students as sources of information.

Another effective study method is referencing organized notes.

“The most effective way to study is to pull out the main concepts from every section of notes that you have, and be able to quiz yourself on the details of those main concepts,” said sports management professor Katharine Burakowski.

Freshman Patrick Martin, rewrites his notes in order to remember them more clearly. This strategy does not work for everyone, but it can be helpful if a student is a visual or kinesthetic learner to see their notes written out again.

“Take your own notes during class to pick up what the professor emphasizes, and make sure to reference those notes while going through the PowerPoints,” said senior Kimberly Oyphanith.

Fisher also provides resources to help students study, such as tutoring. According to Fisher’s website, “A tutor can assist you by discussing notes, clarifying textbook material and reviewing practice problems.” The tutors provided can be a study tool as they are familiar with class material, and are able to explain the information to students in new ways.

Whatever approach works best for students, it’s always important to remember to put in the effort, remain calm and strive to do the best that you can.

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