Trade in stress for relaxation

Photo by Olivia Wild
Photo by Olivia Wild

By Olivia Wild, News/Features Editor 

Whether a student is worried about a test or just needs to escape from reality, the Health and Wellness Center has created a stress free environment for students to relax.

Students are invited to visit the newly developed Relaxation Station in the Wellness Center lobby on Thursdays during free period, 12:30 p.m – 1:30 p.m.

The Relaxation Station is a place for students to focus on their mental health and use their free time to their benefit. For example, the environment is calm and fosters a welcoming and soothing aroma. This allows students to relax as they color, do yoga, listen to music, sit in beanbag chairs, or do whatever they prefer.

However, free period can be a convenient time for clubs to meet and it allows students to complete other work. As a result, only a few students attended. Sophomore nursing major Allie Esposito said she wanted to attend the event but couldn’t because she takes a math exam during free period.  

Lee Ann Coco, a mental health counselor at the Health and Wellness Center said, “the benefits are to provide students a break in their busy day to focus on their mental health through fun and relaxing activities.”

Free period is the only time every week that students are not able to enroll in a class. Rather than using that time to focus on her mental health, senior psychology student Olivia Axtell said, “I usually do homework or eat during free period.”

Esposito and Axtell said they would like to attend other events like this or have the option to attend the Relaxation Station at other times throughout the day or week.

Coco created this idea in Fall 2015 because she realized there was a need amongst students for this particular service. Upon its development, she researched what other colleges were doing for students and then decided that it would be a great idea to incorporate at Fisher.

Coco has plans to improve the station for students who are not able to attend during free period by opening the station on evenings and weekends. In addition, she encouraged students to give feedback in order to make the services more suitable.

“I hope students will come over to check out the new space and let us know if they have any ideas of what they would like to have available,” said Coco.

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