New artists that will shake up any music playlist

By Mikaela Huber, Staff Writer

It’s easy to get bored of listening to the same artists because songs can become redundant and are most likely overplayed. However, these new artists could add just what you need to a drab playlist.

PRETTYMUCH is a Canadian and American band formed in 2016 by X-Factor’s Simon Cowell. The band members are Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara and Austin Porter. PRETTYMUCH is a representation of the classic pop boy band that Americans can’t seem to get enough of. The upbeat sound makes it difficult to resist busting a favorite dance move. Some songs that are worthy of putting on repeat are Would You Mind, Teacher and Open Arms.

K.I.D is an indie-rock band that was created in 2014. This Canadian band released its first album in 2014 and has steadily gained traction in the industry. Their most recent single, Boy, was released this year. It features a retro vibe and chill music to quench any hipster’s thirst for good alternative music. Noteworthy songs are Errors, Taker and I Wish I Was Your Cigarette.

Quinn XCII is a solo pop artist who might not be considered ‘new to the game’ since he has three albums already. However, he might not be new to listeners because he hasn’t hit mainstream status yet. You can see him live in concert as well because he is currently on tour. You can find his tour schedule here. His music has a fresh vibe and good beats. Four songs to fall in love with are Another Day in Paradise, Straightjacket, Bootleggin and Stung.

Grace Vanderwaal is known for her amazing America’s Got Talent performance that featured herself and her ukulele. The performance was breathtaking and social media exploded over it. The performance took place in September 2016 when she was only 12 years old. But have you followed up with her since? To fill you in, she has made some spectacular music such as Moonlight and Beautiful Thing. Just in case you missed the America’s Got Talent performance, check out the song she sang on the television show, I Don’t Know My Name.

Felix Pallas is an alternative pop band that plays calming music, which can be perfect for setting a chill mood when hanging out with friends. Their official self proclaimed genre is actually alien synthetic pop and they are currently based out of Belgium. The band consists of four members, Simon Nuytten, Pieter-Jan Nuytten, Xavier Gosselin and Ziggy Van Wallendael. Some songs to download are Curse, Rakata and Bad News.

All of these new artists can be found on Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify Premium and want to access these fresh jams whenever, they each can be purchased on iTunes for $1.29.

It is always refreshing to explore different music types and artists. Finding new music could be as big as finding a part of yourself or as small as finding a good vibe to jam to with your friends. Either way, this list should not be the extent of your musical exploration. Go find something new with the help of this list and your musical soul.

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