Winter’s makeup forecast

Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

By Christina Johnson, Staff Writer 

Just like the seasons change, products within the makeup industry change over time and often become recycled, forcing certain styles to become the current popular trends.

Makeup fads are dynamic because they can occur in more than one season. However, the same trend is replaced with a new technique and a palette of colors. Styles of the season are typically showcased in runway shows in order to highlight the popularity of a recurring trend.

Just like the seasons, eye shadow becomes either hot or cold when it returns to a make up bag. For example, this past summer, eye shadow was temporarily muted out of everyday makeup because the ‘no makeup look’ was popular.

However, the bold eye has returned this winter. This style made its way into everyday fashion because New York Fashion Week focused on ‘glossy lids.’ Specifically, this technique makes an individual’s eyelid look like it is covered in a shiny gloss. This is reminiscent of lips covered in gloss, which was first popularized by Lip Smacker in 2003.

Metallic colors were also popular in the past, but they have made their way back into mainstream this winter. Colors like silver, gold, and bronze can be styled and used in different ways, beginning from an allover eyelid shadow to just eyeliner. This trend is appearing as a popular nail polish color as well.

Beauty guru Susan Yara from the Mixed Makeup YouTube channel said, “nothing says winter like metallic makeup.”

Yara also predicted that pastel colors will make a comeback in the eye shadow industry. It can be intimidating to wear bold colors. But shades of powder blue, rose pink and/or peach can help ease people into using bright eye shadows.

The reverse smoky eye or the lower smoky lash line has appeared both on and off of the runway. This look is created by lining the bottom lash line and under eye with black eye shadow or eyeliner. Although this trend is daring and can give any look an edge, it opens up the eyes and makes an individual look more alert.

Questioning what type of lipstick to wear is a common thought when applying makeup. However, as the weather changes, one type of lip product tends to monopolize makeup bags. Matte lips have ruled the makeup industry since 2014 because this finish is daring and mysterious.

Although, Christina Rose, a lifestyles YouTube guru said “glossy lips are the new matte” this winter.  

Even though matte lips are different than a noticeable cream lipstick, glossy lips are just as popular because they give a high shine finish without the drying effects of a matte finish. There is a variety of colors and lusters to chose from when finding the perfect gloss as well.

“Really nicely glossed lips are a beautiful thing to behold because you’re seeing every curve, every angle,” said Lisa Eldridge, a London based makeup artist in an online Vogue article. “It brings out the three-dimensionality a bit.”

When the colder seasons creep up, darker colors return to wardrobes to make an outfit more intense. As a result, dark lipstick has become a must have beauty product. Dark lips attract the eyes, especially with the lack of sun.

As we say goodbye to one season and hello to the next, makeup remains apart of this cyclic greeting. But as one season ends and the next begins, makeup continues to share the latest trends.

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