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Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay

By Alaa Yasin, Staff Writer 

It’s that time of year again. Snow is beginning to fall, Halloween has passed and Christmas is slowly creeping up. With Christmas on the mind, most look to Black Friday for shopping deals. Beat the rush with this list of black Friday steals.

Makeup and Cosmetics

High end makeup brands rarely go on sale. However, Sephora, Morphe, Ulta, and Too Faced(Online) are jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon. Purchase one item from Too Faced and you will get the 2nd item 50 percent off. So keep an eye out for those bronzers and highlighters. Sephora and Ulta Beauty are offering promotions on almost all items. Depending on the brands and clearances, you can find items for 10 percent to 50 percent off. If you’re looking for more applications, and skin care, Ulta is the place to go. They’re nail polishes, hair and skin products, straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons are all on clearance.


‘Shop till you drop’ or until you run out of money. Some stores are offering sales that you rarely see throughout the year. Take advantage of them before it is too late. 

Adidas is offering 10-40 percent off select styles, including shoes, accessories, and apparel. Kohl’s, Macy’s, JcPenny, and Sears are offering a discount on items depending on the name brand. Bath and Body Works is also offering a deal that is worth taking advantage of. If you buy any three items in the store, you will get any three items free. Spend at least $30 and you will get a bag full of product worth over $100, for only $30. 

American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie and Abercrombie and Fitch are doing a sale on a sale. Shop from the clearance and you can add 10 percent off your order. But keep an eye out, because these deals are changing daily. At Victoria’s Secret, bras are $35, perfume is two for $25 and if you spend $75, you can get a free tote and mini bag. At Pink VS, expect similar promotions because campus crew sweaters and cotton logo leggings are $35 each. All Pink bras are $25 and if you spend $75, you can walk away with a free tote and tech pouch. 


If you’re looking for a new phone, T.V., laptop, or even an iPad, then the place to go is Best Buy. Best Buy is selling multiple sizes of Samsung TV’s for $300-400 cheaper than other competitors. You can also find the the Samsung Galaxy Note8, S8, and S8 Plus for $300 off at this store as well. If you’re in the market for an iPad Mini 4, you can save up to $125 dollars at this electronics store. Other locations with similar deals are Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Games & Movies

A lot of game consules, and their accessories are on sale. The PlayStation 4 at Best Buy is currently the cheapest price. It’s $100-200 cheaper than other stores like Kohl’s and Target. The new Nintendo Switch is $70 cheaper at Gamestop, Best Buy, and Target than at Walmart. To go along with your new console, Target has deals on headphones. You might as well stop at Target’s movie section because movie night will only cost you $4-6.

To find more deals, view store catalogs or click here.  

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