In remembrance of Ryan Sutherland

By Diana Russo, Editor in Chief 

A mass was held on Dec. 7 to honor Ryan Sutherland, a former St. John Fisher student. Prior to the service, Sutherland’s family was honored with a plaque in his remembrance.

The plaque was hung in the Cardinal Courier office, as Sutherland was an active member of the Courier and was to be an editor in fall 2017.

Christine Migliore and David Sutherland
Christine Migliore and David Sutherland

His mother Christine Migliore, father David Sutherland, sister Karlie Migliore and aunts and uncles were in attendance. Students who were friends of the Navy veteran also made an appearance. Faculty and staff that worked with Sutherland attended the event as well.

Friends and family were emotional as they shared stories about Sutherland. Christine Migliore mentioned that Sutherland didn’t talk much but he was an amazing writer that was able to effortlessly put his thoughts on paper. David Sutherland mentioned that his son was very funny and knew how to make everyone laugh. Students attested to his character and enthusiasm. Penny Myler, assistant director of transfer admissions was also in attendance and she added that Sutherland was eager to attend Fisher and enroll in classes.

Sutherland’s family continuously mentioned that the gathering was something he would have loved and appreciated. His family was also presented with a consolidated collection of work that Sutherland created for the Courier.

Sutherland was 29 years old when he unexpectedly passed away on June 3.

The events were organized by the Media and Communication department and Campus Ministry.

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