School of Business professor receives Fulbright Fellowship

By Oge Adiele, Staff Writer 

Dr. Merouane Lakehal–Ayat has been a professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance at Fisher for 31 years. In that time, he has won five Fulbright Fellowships, with the most recent one coming this fall.

Lakehal–Ayat also did fellowships in Malaysia (2001), Poland (2002), Thailand (2007) and Mauritius (2015). In 2018, he will head to Senegal in West Africa.

“It has always been my philosophy that an academic’s relevance must not just be tested within his or her own institution but be constantly tested outside among other institutions as well,” said  Lakehal–Ayat. “My competitive nature has shaped this philosophy of mine and it is what originally pushed me to pursue my first Fulbright Fellowship.”

Lakehal–Ayat said that a Fulbright Fellow is tasked with delivering courses in banking and finance topics, as well as assisting Masters students in the Banking and Finance program with their dissertation. Lakehal-Ayat will also help build partnerships with US academic institutions and locate international partners/donors. Due to his past contributions, the Fulbright commission reached out to him requesting that he apply this year.

“I’m extremely honored to have the opportunity to take my decades of experience and pass it on to a new generation of leaders in a region that has enormous potential for continued development,” said  Lakehal–Ayat.

Jared Clement, a past president of Fisher’s investment club thinks that Lakehal–Ayat is deserving of this award.

“As a mentor Dr. Merouane is like nobody else,” said Clement. “I have been in his office before and he has former Fisher students from five, 10, and 15 plus years ago come back to visit him. This speaks to how great of a character Dr. Merouane is.”

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