Voices are heard at a town hall meeting

By Olivia Musacchio, News Editor 

The Fisher community gathered in the Golisano Gateway on Jan. 25 for a town hall meeting where they discussed the anti-immigration flyers that were hung around campus on Monday.  

“Fisher needs more events like this because a lot of people have a close mindset, that aren’t open to new ideas,” said junior Alisa Singletary. “And for the world that we live in, having new ideas and having an open mindset is the way to succeed.”

In order to create a discussion, Safety and Security, Campus Life and Channel 10 (WHEC) News were contacted after the fliers were removed. The conversation continued as they arranged listening tables and this town hall meeting.

The goal was to create open and peaceful dialogue about what happened on campus and how people were affected by it.

The conversation began in the presence of a moderator who facilitated a discussion using sustained dialogue techniques. Everyone in attendance was encouraged to form groups with people they didn’t know and use a list of questions to guide their conversation.

As the town hall meeting closed, each group shared their ideas of how to move forward and what Fisher should do next.

Dr. Jenna Rossi, an associate professor for American Studies, suggested that the conversation should continue inside and outside of the classroom. She hopes that students and professors of all backgrounds join what she is working to make an ongoing discussion.

“I have never worked at a campus that with across our differences, are so unifIed,” said Rossi. “People were so supportive from different offices and different clubs on campus. I want to speak to the strength of Fisher, as difficult as many things are, in things that happen that can be hateful or ignorant we will work together to achieve a solution.”

Anyone with questions or concerns about campus support resources can contact Rossi at jrossi@sjfc.edu.

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