Gifts that keep love in the air

Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

By Diana Russo, Editor in Chief 

Put roses and a box of chocolate to shame with this Valentine’s Day gift guide. Whether you’re celebrating with someone or not, treat yourself with a gift you will fall in love with.

A trip to the nail salon or a gift card to the mall might not cut it with Mr. Right. However, this gift guide might.

  1. Upgrade his gym essentials with a stuffed duffle bag. Every man needs a great bag and can always use another shaker bottle, pack of socks or protein bars. A Nike and Under Armor duffle bag can be purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $50 or less. Stop by Walmart and pick up a Blender Bottle for less than $20. If you’re looking for a protein product that has a large selection with great taste, consider Quest Nutrition. You can find protein cookies, hero bars, protein bars, cereal bars, protein powder and chips. Everything but the protein powder can be purchased for less than $5.
  2. A gift card to a gas station is often overlooked but it will be appreciated. Fastrac, Speedway, Kwik Fill, Sunoco, ExxonMobil and Valero all sell gift cards. Keep him on track with something he will need and actually use.
  3. I like to call this ‘things he needs but wont buy.’ This includes boxers, body wash, cologne and razors. Nothing screams “I care about you” more than these gifts do. With several different brands available, it can be difficult to find a cologne and body wash that matches and is reasonably priced. However, Bath & Body Works sells a great product that smells good and that men love. The body spray and the 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash is originally $12.50. Better yet, Bath & Body Works currently has an online sale for men’s body care. If you buy three, you will get three free.
  4. It is the season for love but it is also the season of subscription boxes. From fitness to style, Men’s Health has you covered with this subscription box. A quarterly subscription is only $89.99 and yearly is $359.96. An annual subscription is a little pricey, but each box is personalized and the products in each box are said to retail at over $150. Typically, boxes like this send samples of each product but there is no such thing as cutting corners with this box.
  5. Don’t let men fool you, they love their hair. With that being said, I can’t say better things about the company Reuzel. From pomades to aftershave, this company has everything your significant other needs for his thin, long or thick hair. Not to mention, each product smells amazing so it’s a win-win for both of you. Don’t worry about breaking the bank either because each product can be purchased for less than $40.

Women want a mix of practical and sentimental when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Never second guess your gifts with these recommendations.

  1. Do not, under any circumstance, show up to her house on Valentine’s Day without roses. Yes, that means you must bring her flowers even if you decide to purchase something else. However, if you both decide to have a giftless Valentine’s Day, consider writing her a heartfelt note, in addition to roses. This will make her feel special and she will appreciate the fact that you took the time to write her a thoughtful message.
  2. If you want to make her day easier, give her the gift of a personal assistant. The Google Home is less than $150 and the Google Home Mini is less than $50. The Amazon – Echo Plus sits at $150 and the Echo Dot is also $50. Each can set an alarm, purchase items online, make phone calls and play music at the command of her voice. Whatever your fancy, Google or Amazon has her covered.
  3. Do not underestimate the power of a Sephora or Ulta gift card. Not only will she beam with joy on Valentine’s Day but her new highlighter will keep that glow lasting for days. You can also save time by purchasing these gift cards online. If you’re lucky, she may even cut you some slack and order items online instead of dragging you into the store.
  4. If she is eager for a date night, that’s your cue. Purchase movie tickets and a gift card to her favorite restaurant. You can even buy online gift cards for Pittsford Cinema 9 in Pittsford Plaza. Not only will she be impressed that you listened to her requests, but she will love that this is something you both can do together.
  5. If you want to take date night to the next level, consider a daycation to del Lago Resort & Casino. This entertainment hub is only 41 minutes away from Fisher and they have comedy and music shows almost every week and weekend. However, you must buy tickets for every show you plan to attend. Take note that each ticket is $15 and you must be 21 years or older to make the purchase.  

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