Teddi success, senior sadness

By Natalie Gates, Staff Writer

As the last piece of confetti fell at Teddi 36, applause ensued, marking the end of the annual dance. As a senior, it is empowering to look back upon my years at the dance and see how far we’ve come.

This year $87,180.42 was raised for Camp Good Days and Special Times. This breaks last year’s record of the highest amount at $70,187.45. When I was a freshman, the dance raised $54,043.63, and I didn’t know the impact Teddi Dance for Love had and how it would shape my college career.

Although I never held a captain position, I felt just as responsible for the work needed to be done. The work going on behind the scenes is immense and the committee holds weekly meetings all year to prepare.

This year the committee had 210 members in addition to 19 captains, the largest in Teddi history.

The 2018 Vice Chair, Allison Smith, looks forward to next year as Teddi 37 Chair.

“Seeing everyone last night and this morning, dancing at 4 a.m. was so empowering, it keeps people motivated,” said Smith. “It’s a great opportunity. There were so many freshmen this year, I am hoping to keep that momentum going and get an even larger freshman class coming in.”

The support for the dance this year seemed different than other years. There was representation from every varsity sport and the players gifted signed pinnies to each camper.

During his speech this year, the Teddi Dance for Love founder, Gary Mervis, said something that struck me: “Whatever you choose to do, make it matter.”

The dance is something I have always felt strongly about, especially because my college years have flown by. This is something that matters, and if someone raises $5 or $500 dollars it matters. The volunteers, committee members and everyone who helps to execute the dance matter immensely. It could not be done without them.

I am so honored to be a part of this Fisher tradition and I look forward to seeing the future of Teddi. I will always continue to support the hard work students put in as I cheer from the sidelines.

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