Playing for pediatric cancer

By Mikaela Huber, Lifestyles Editor 

Fisher students raised awareness for pediatric cancer, cancer found in children, at restaurant and bowling alley Radio Social on March 1.

Media and communication students hosted Play With a Purpose as a part of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Bateman Case Study Competition. According to the PRSSA website, more than 75 teams enter the competition each year, which “challenges teams of students to research, plan, implement and evaluate a public relations campaign for an actual client.”

This year teams brought awareness to the need for safe and effective treatment options for pediatric cancer. After receiving an honorable mention in last years competition, Fisher’s second Bateman team had the goal of creating innovative ways to encourage young people to engage in the organization.

Sophomore Ashley Cahill noticed the fun atmosphere surrounding a serious topic. Ava Brugger, Bateman team project manager mentioned this environment was intentional because it served as a learning experience. It was thought that people would feel thankful to lead a normal life and think twice about the children who may not have the same opportunities.  

A similar message was shared by Jessica Shand, a pediatric hematologist oncologist specializes in taking care of kids with cancer and blood disorders. She encouraged people to support the creation of new therapy methods, which will allow children with cancer to have successful treatments.

“Cancer isn’t something we think about everyday, as it affects children,” said Shand. ‘So it’s really important for people to know pediatric cancer happens, that it’s a leading cause of death in children and we need more awareness to get people interested in knowing more about how to raise money to support research.”

Shand realized that the students at the event are those who represent positive change for children with cancer and she wants people to be inspired by that.

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