Professionals inspire students to Lead #LikeAGirl

By Justin Miles, Staff Writer 

The third annual Lead #LikeAGirl women’s leadership series provided insight into the realities of gender relationships, the field of communication and leadership as a whole.

The Lead #LikeAGirl was highlighted over two consecutive days, beginning on March 21. The first day featured a student leadership training and the second hosted a power panel with female professionals in the communication field.

The power panel included Kim Allen, managing partner at Dixon Schwabl, Rachel Barnhart, former journalist, Rose Anne Cooper, lead planner for integrated marketing at Martino Flynn, and Victoria Brzustowicz, director of marketing communication for the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum.

The panel was a structured question and answer interview from The PRIMA Group and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) leaders, followed by an open question and answer from audience members. The guests spoke about women’s leadership, skills needed to be a great leader and how gender can affect an individual’s opportunity to lead.

Barnhart mentioned that she found herself working as a journalist because she continued to question authority. She gave an anecdote about how she ran an ‘underground newspaper’ in high school where she wrote about gender inequalities, which eventually led to another school suspension. Even with a punishment, she continued to produce a newspaper, and was later suspended. This inspired her to become a journalist and “hold their (government’s) feet to the fire” as a crucial part of the fourth branch.

Cooper encouraged everyone to be deliberate in everything they do and discussed how to balance work with life. “You can have it all, you just have to figure out what it all is,” said Copper.

Allen talked about the importance of working with others and she said as a leader “it doesn’t all lie on your shoulders…it’s nearly impossible to be an expert in everything.” This was echoed by Brzustowicz who said leaders foster teamwork and motivate others.

The event was originally developed by Alexandra Hristodoulou ‘17 and Rachael Zalewski ‘17, and prompted by Media and Communication Professor Arien Rozelle.

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