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Photo from Pexels

By Natalie Gates, Staff Writer

As registration approaches, students will check courses offered to see which classes they will be starting in the fall.

Terri Bagshaw from the Registrar’s office at Fisher helps shed light on the possibilities for students preparing to register.

“Due to our close affiliation with Nazareth, language courses can be taken at Naz and transfer directly with a grade, back to one’s Fisher transcript,” said Bagshaw. “Unlike other colleges, the course at Naz allows a grade that will affect a GPA [grade point average], rather than coming in as transfer credit.”  

The Rochester Area Colleges Inter-Institutional Program allows students who are full time in the Fall or Spring semesters to take one or two classes at another area school for free. The colleges involved include: Nazareth, Finger Lakes Community College, Genesee Community College, Brockport, Geneseo and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

The student does have to be full time at their prospective university and it doesn’t apply for the summer. It is also dependent on space availability and all colleges only allow additional students if the course isn’t full. For those who need a course to graduate, Bagshaw suggests paying the money to guarantee a spot in the class.

“When it comes to transferring credits over to Fisher, you can pretty much go to any school you want,” said Bagshaw. “As long as you fill out one of the ‘Transfer Credit Equivalency Request’ forms.”

It is recommended to check with your advisor and the registrar’s office before taking a class at another institution. You will want to know if the class you are taking will count for the Fisher course.

Some courses don’t count towards your Fisher courses, like those that are not similar to any of the courses offered at Fisher. This would include an engineering course at RIT. There are many courses that can count such as a P1 like an english course at a different college. Some students choose these because it saves them money.

Most students take classes at other universities in the summer. It is also a majority at community colleges. Last summer Fisher started offering online courses in the summer season for a reduced rate.

As registration approaches in just a couple weeks, it is necessary for all students to speak with their advisors to get their alternate pin, as the registrar’s office can’t give out that information. In addition, some course titles change so be sure to check the class ID number before registering for classes and also checking your transcript to make sure you haven’t already taken one.

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