Fisher student interviewed on national television

By Brian Boye, Managing Editor 

Fisher senior Alexa Zappia appeared on Harry on April 3 to discuss her initiative Rocks of Unity, which promotes diversity and unity.

Harry is a daytime talk show hosted by singer Harry Connick Jr. There was a viewing party in the Wilson Formal Lounge, where her friends, family, and faculty members attended.

Zappia started the Rocks of Unity in January 2017, where people decorate rocks with their differences and they are then put in an art installation. Today, many others are following suit.

Zappia explained that she was inspired to start Rocks of Unity after her mentor figure Susan passed away.

“I just wanted to carry on her legacy and go into different communities that she could not have obviously been to because she passed away,” she said. “I just noticed that there’s been a lot of intolerance in our world because of our differences so I wanted to be able to mesh the two together and hopefully make her proud and do something that will change the world forever.”

Connick Jr. revealed to Zappia that he had made his own rock and gave it to her. And then, every member of the audience showed the rocks they made for her. Zappia said that she was not expecting it.

Additionally, they aired a clip of four of Zappia’s students who described what they learned and thanked her for taking part in the Rocks of Unity, which made Zappia emotional. The four students also were in attendance at the viewing party.

She listed examples of her favorite rocks and said that celebrities such as Theresa Caputo and David Boreanaz made their own rocks as well.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, if you have status, if you don’t,” said Zappia. “Kindness, acceptance, and unity are human values.”

Junior Caroline Seaberg attended the party to show support for her friend and the initiative.

I am proud of Alexa for taking her concerns of intolerance in our world and producing a positive way to take action and create change,” she said.

At the end of the viewing party, Zappia and all the attendees took a group photo to send back to the show.

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