The Fisher family- on and off campus

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

By Sammy Robinson, Staff Writer

The end of a school year forces students to consider living on or off campus. For some, the convenience of living in a dorm can outweigh being close to the Rochester nightlife.

There are 2,786 undergrad students that are enrolled at Fisher. Those students either live in the eight residence halls on campus or move to an off campus living space, according to St. John Fisher’s website.

After living on campus for two school years, sophomore Nick Ghem thinks that Fisher is able to encourage a large number of students to live on campus, especially incoming freshman.

“My freshman year was the best year so far,” said Ghem. “Between the first weekend, meeting all new people and making friends and getting to know what the Fisher family is all about made my decision to stay on campus that much easier.”

Establishing friend groups, avoiding parking and being close to school can be benefits of living on campus. But, junior Mark Scanlon, who lives on campus, notices that his freedom is limited.  

Fisher has about three resident assistants on each floor of every residence hall to make sure that students are safe and following the code of conduct. If a student disobeys the rules, they will have a hearing with the resident director.

“The one thing I wish I could change is the resident assistants being very strict past a certain time each and every day of the week,” said Scanlon.

With the largest freshman class joining the Fisher family this year, housing is limited. This leaves a number of students living in a two person room with three people. However, another residence hall will open in Fall 2019.

The campus halls include Keough, Founders, Michaelhouse, Murray, Ward, Haffey, Dorsey and Murray. The addition of a ninth residence hall will add another 156 beds.

“In the long-term, new housing will help alleviate the needs for triples and upperclassmen students new options when it comes to their housing,” said Nick Becker, residence director in Keough. “Outside of these efforts the halls are continuing to try and provide inclusive housing for all Fisher students to help them through their academic journey and make them the best students they can be.”

Even with campus renovations, some students still choose to find housing elsewhere. For some, the cost of living off campus outweighs the convenience of living at Fisher. According to the website, the estimated cost of attendance for a student who will live on campus during the 2018-2019 school year is $49,210. A student who decides to live at home will pay an estimated total of $38,350.

Senior Carol Robertson lived on campus for three full years and then decided she wanted to have the experience to live off before the real world hits her.

“Since it was a lot cheaper than living on, that was for sure a huge reason for me to get the approval from my parents but also the fact that next year I’ll be living on my own anyways so I wanted to test it out,” said Robertson.  

Even though living off campus can bring more freedom, Becker said that students who don’t live at Fisher may have less resources and more responsibility. 

Senior Jake Haight lived on campus for only one year and found housing elsewhere because he wanted more freedom as a student athlete. Student athletes who stay on campus during any break follow many rules, including no guests at any given time.

“That was a game changer for me right away, because I live not to far from the school and I wanted my friends to come visit me, especially when I’m not home for all of winter break,” said Haight. 

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