An athlete’s home away from home

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

By Nicholas Klein, Staff Writer

As the school year winds down and most students are looking forward to finishing finals and going home, spring athletes have weeks or maybe even a month left before their season is over.

Fisher baseball and softball in particular have been notorious for having seasons that extend much beyond the May 5 deadline that most students are required to leave by. As both teams are having successful seasons so far (baseball is 23-7, softball is 23-7), a tradition of postseason play can be expected to carry on this year as well.

The Empire 8 Championship and NCAA Tournament games this season will be held for both baseball and softball May 10-12, far beyond the last day of school and athletes will still be on campus during that time period.

As sophomore baseball player Sean Harris recalls, this time alone with his team on campus is the most enjoyable part of his year.

“Staying on campus for postseason baseball is so much fun because I don’t have school to worry about,” said Harris. “All I have to focus on is baseball and making the team better.”

Although other athletes have breaks where they stay on campus alone, Harris believes this one is different.

“Although the food isn’t the best, the weather is nice so we have the benefit of being able to get out of the dorm opposed to winter athletes who often get bored with nobody around and nothing to do,” he said.

Senior softball player Katie Mazierski also recalls enduring postseason softball at Fisher once school ends.

“Sometimes we play until the end of May so we really do have longer years than almost everyone else,” Mazierski said. “After E8 Championships are over though we don’t really spend much time on campus, the team is basically on the road nonstop which is really a lot of fun.”

The Fisher softball team last year finished on May 29 as the National Runner-Up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As for the baseball team, they lost in the NCAA DIII Regionals in New England on May 20.

With almost a month left of sports once school ends, spring athletes really have a lot left to focus on. This year, both the baseball and softball teams are on track to have deep postseason runs that will hopefully carry them into late May. They won’t be at home with their families like most students but instead chasing a NCAA DIII Championship.

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