An athlete’s hurdle during finals week

Student athletes manage their sports schedules in the midst of final exams

Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

By Justin Miles, Staff Writer

Finals week consists of staying up late to study and pushing off your favorite Netflix show until next week. But some student athletes have more to balance; playing games leading up to their conference tournaments.

The seemingly non-stop winter weather has affected the schedules of Fisher sports, especially the baseball and softball teams. This has caused both teams to have multiple games during finals week and now student athletes are trying to find a balance.

Freshman Sammie Torlish is a shortstop on the softball team. “It’s difficult when the schedule is constantly changing and we’re having to adjust our schedules with work and school, and at times it can be very stressful,” she said.

Torlish has three final exams, two games during finals week and two possible games the following weekend. Unlike her peers, Torlish’s attention is compromised but she finds in beneficial.

“Academics are more important… but [having games] helps me balance out my work and it pushes me to work harder both in class and on the field,” said Torlish.

Similar to the softball team, the baseball team has games leading up to the conference tournament.

“We understand as a team that we have to make sacrifices in order to complete our regular season,” said junior Anthony Loussedes, a pitcher on the baseball team. “Finals do come first, so studying and exams come before practices or games. But coach does a good job of scheduling practices around finals and working with professors to ensure exams and games can be fit in.”

Student athletes and coaches know that school must come before athletics. In the midst of final exams, the softball team will host the E8 tournament as the number one seed and the baseball team will travel to Stevens to compete as the number two seed.

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