Destination: Java’s

In good weather -- even on a cool early fall evening -- Java's offers outdoor seating to watch the world pass by. (Photo by Matthew Molinaro)

By Matthew Molinaro staff writer

What do get when you mix a museum and a coffee shop? Well, that equates to the local coffee shop, Java’s. Java’s opened in 1992 and declares itself “Non-Stop” since then.  That is true, whether you want to go there before your 8 a.m. class or in a Friday night after a test. Java’s is hailed to its slogan “Original home of the good stuff”.

When you first enter Java’s you will feel all senses go off at the same time.  Surrounding the interior includes photography, sculptures, and paintings from amazing artists.   The feel of the pictures will definitely stir up conversations between you and your friends. Java’s ambient soundtrack features the combination of jazz and funk.  This will keep you feeling good and upbeat while you are there. The smell of coffee beans for the first time will want you coming for more.

Across the shop includes plenty of room for you and your friends to sit.  Inside, seating will be able to fit around ten parties of three. Inside also includes the option to sit at either a booth or at a table.  Outside includes plenty of tables to sip your cup of joe in the cool Rochester air.

Java’s menu includes everything you can find at a coffee shop, with an extra dash of passion from its employees.  The menu includes cold drinks, chai tea, specialties, coffee, and pastries. The range of prices for these items are typically less then you will be paying at a national coffee chain.  For example, a large coffee costs $2.25; a smoothie costs $4; a “Shot In The Dark” costs $3.75. The “Shot In The Dark” is exceptionally tasty for those who want the combination of hot chocolate and espresso in one setting.

A Fisher student might be asking where and when does a place like this open and close.  Monday through Saturday, the store is open from 6:30 a.m. to midnight. Sunday hours are 7 a.m. to midnight.  The shop is located at 16 Gibbs St., right near the end of East Avenue.

Java’s is a great place to know and love.  Whether you are looking for a quick cup of coffee or meeting up with your friends after a busy school week.

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