Albatross Project explores sustainability

Portion of poster describing and promoting the two-day Albatross Project

By Crystal Myers staff writer

The Albatross Project, a college wide two-day initiative dedicated to sustainability, will take place at St. John Fisher Oct. 9 and 10.

The namesake comes from a film documentary that reveals the effects pollution is having on the North Pacific Ocean’s plant and animal life.

Three professors at St. John Fisher College — Dr. Linda MacCammon of Religious Studies, Dr. Michael Boller of Biology and Dr. Jason Berman of Management — joined together to put on this initiative. Their goal is to bring together all students, faculty, staff and community members for what we all share, the environment.

In preparation for the project, Student Activities Board held a screening of the Albatross documentary on Oct. 2. The most shocking images were that of birds who had died through the ingestion of plastic waste.

If you missed it, the documentary will be shown again on Tuesday Oct. 9th at 11 a.m. and on Wednesday Oct. 10 at 12:20 p.m., both in Basil 135.

What is truly significant about Albatross is the collaboration that’s happening in classrooms across campus. There will be panel discussions on sustainability in health care, the food industry, and legislation. Many departments will be addressing sustainability in their various sectors and classrooms. A Fisher-Goes-Green environmental fair will be held during Free Period on Tuesday Oct. 9.

The culmination will be a dialogue on how we can as a community move forwards to make a sustainable impact for our future.

Check here for the full calendar of events.


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