Destination: Wegmans — for pizza!

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By Matthew Molinaro staff writer

Rochester has some well-known pizza places. But good pizza may also be as available as your next grocery shopping trip.

During your next visit to Wegmans (Pittsford, or any one!), make a stop right the pizza counter.  From there, you are able to see the plethora of ready-to-made pies, wings, and calzones that will soothe the cold Rochester air.

When you are at the counter; you have the choice of ordering a made-to-order pizza, or being served pre-made slices.  I got the chance to order the “Medium CYO”. CYO stands for “Create Your Own”. You are able to choose the sauce, cheese, meats, and vegetables in any combination of four.  After you are ordering, the pizza only takes four minutes to spin around the large brick oven.

 Students can take their pizza back to their dorm, or they can sit in the large upstairs dining room at the Pittsford store.  The dining room can fit several groups of students who are looking for great ambiance.

As the cold weather approaches the Fisher community, we are looking for something to keep our hearts and minds warm.  Well look no further, the local grocer Wegmans Food Markets creates some of the most delicious pizza that you could eat.

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