New Career Services director helps direct revised operation

The newly reorganized Center for Career and Academic Planning occupies a large portion of the first floor of Lavery Library. (Photo by Will Maskrey)

By Natalie Gates staff writer

The former Career Center at Fisher has a new name, a new mission and a new director.

Julia Overton Healy

Dr. Julia Overton-Healy is the new director of career services. She joins Dr. Michelle Erklenz-Watts as co-leaders for the newly reorganized Center for Career and Academic Planning. Overton-Healy began her position in September 2018 so she is still getting her footing.

Overton-Healy recently moved to the area, after working at SUNY Plattsburgh where she ran the career center. Before this she ran the leadership center and women’s leadership center at Alfred College. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with her bachelor’s and master’s in Speech Communication. She has her Ed.D in Leadership and Administration Studies for Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

She aims to grow career services for current Fisher students and alumni. Expanding employer relations, and growing into a variety of industries is what she wants to focus on. Providing students more career opportunities from job shadowing, to externships, mentoring, field research and creative endeavors are some of the ways she wants to accomplish that.

Accessing alumni is a crucial way for students to move forward by talking to people they connect with that are out in the world. Finding new ways for this to happen is an upcoming plan for Overton-Healy.

On an operational level, she is looking to streamline daily functions. She wants the CCAP more accessible to students, and have more materials available for them.

In CCAP students can now meet with any advisor, rather than only be able to meet with one. All career advisors are familiar with all majors and all degrees. First year students are now able to get advice on their career path based on their interests. Academic planning and the career center are interconnected.

Overton-Healy says the CCAP is more integrated, but it aims to “more mindfully connect the academic enterprise with the career intentions that students have”.

She encourages students to set up an appointment through the CCAP front desk if they have any questions.

Clarification: This story has been modified to reflect the comment made by Dr. Overton-Healy below.

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  1. I do not ‘oversee’ CCAP. This implies that there is only one person in charge of CCAP. In fact, Dr. Michelle Erklenz-Watts and I share the responsibility for CCAP’s success and we are looking forward to making CCAP integral to the Fisher experience.

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