SGA president likes involvement the job offers

Sophomore Erin Turpin is president of the Student Government Association. (Photo by Allison Baird)

By Natalie Gates staff writer

As only a sophomore, Erin Turpin is one of the most involved students on campus as she is the president of the Student Government Association. She is a double major in sociology and sustainability, with a minor in Spanish.

Erin Turpin believes that “success is a lot about who you know.” (Photo by Allison Baird)

Being the first person in her family to go to college she was looking to get involved to open up opportunities in the future. She looked to meet new people and be in a leadership position.

When Turpin came to Fisher, she wanted to make an impact on students, and planned to be in a position like vice president of student services. The previous president encouraged her to apply for the position of president, which led her to where she is today.

Her favorite part about being president of SGA is getting to know so many different people on campus. She loves getting to see how “faculty and staff work together and how things fit together to affect the student environment.”

Turpin says “I think getting involved opens your eyes to understanding different aspects. Success is a lot about who you know, being involved allows you to meet students and adults who can help you out in the future”.

Turpin’s favorite type of event is Late Night Breakfast but she also likes open mic nights. She says they bring a lot of talent to Fisher that is not always recognized.

In her free time Turpin loves to paint, and she is currently learning calligraphy and the ukulele. She works in the Center for Sustainability and enjoys learning about the environment.

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