Graduating early inspires mixed feelings

Studying abroad wasn't in her original game plan. But reflecting on her time at Fisher as she prepares to graduate a semester early, Natalie Gates says it was one of the signature experiences she had

By Natalie Gates staff writer

It seems like just yesterday I was applying to colleges, and now I am finishing up school this week. I am ready to be done with all the schoolwork but am not ready to leave some of my friends. My time at Fisher has been enjoyable and I am finally accepting the fact that I won’t be coming back next year.

Natalie Gates spent a semester studying in London, England.

I’ve learned so much from my time here at Fisher. I have met some awesome people and been able to travel while in school. Graduating early has taught me a lot about how things may not go as you had originally planned, but can still be great.

When I was a freshman, I had no intentions of graduating early or studying in another country but Fisher has allowed me opportunities I never thought possible. Studying abroad in London was something that allowed me to grow more than I had in my combined years at Fisher. I met new people, and experienced new things I never would have had the opportunity to. Learning how to fit two semesters into one has been exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My last semester has been faster than the rest, mostly because I have finally done all things I have been looking forward to for years. Meeting new people and finding hidden gems in Rochester will definitely be hard to part with, but there is a lot that lies ahead. Being able to accept that one chapter of your life is closing and another one is opening is exciting, regardless of how hard it may be.

Everyone talks about how fast your college career goes by, and I never believed it until now. At some moments it’s scary to think about starting over and transition into a job and a rigid schedule, but I know the time comes for everyone to start their adult lives. I am thrilled to come back for Senior Week where I am able to celebrate with the people in my class to close out an awesome four years. Even though my time here was cut short, I wouldn’t trade these experiences or memories for anything in the world.

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