Sophomore at Fisher converts his passion into a business

Fisher Sophomore, Riley Donovan, takes his interest in fashion and made it into a clothing business.

Founder, Riley Donovan modeling a Jeune Et Motivé hoodie.

Written by: Reid Collins

At the age of 14, Riley Donovan was sure of a few things: he loved fashion, he had an entrepreneurial flame burning within him, and that he was too young to really be taken seriously. This hardship did not stop him from becoming a successful person. He opened his first business, which he referred to as a “trend catching business,” called New York Retro. New York Retro was a trial balloon business. This led to the birth of his flagship development called “Jeune Et Motivé,” which Donovan opened at the age of 19.

Donovan said that he does not do anything without thought and brand consciousness. For example, the name of the company. When “Jeune Et Motivé” is translated from French to English, it means “Young and Motivated.” Donovan said, “I chose this name from my special motivation growing up as a child but also because being young and motivated isn’t just a mindset or an age, it’s a lifestyle.”

Donovan is not only a fashion designer of JEM, he also promotes others who are young and motivated. “Individuals who are signed under Jeune Et Motivé will be promoted in their respected markets for example music, art, or being a barber, and in return these individuals wear Jeune Et Motivé and brand their environment with Jeune Et Motivé equipment with all parties involved expanding and growing,” said Donovan.

Donovan refers to his outfits and designs as being uncommon and different from anything that other people have created. The company uses Instagram to display their products and to attract a younger audience. Donovan and his team are currently working on their own website to branch out even further.

“One day I hope to own a promotional, managerial, and financing company with its sole purpose to grow and develop unique businesses or smaller individuals with otherwise no chance to gain exposure,” Donovan said. He gave credit to the St. John Fisher College business classes he has taken. These classes have been helping him make more successful choices in his own business practice.

“Taking actions like building a like-minded team, developing and learning on my own at such a young age, and continue to learn through SJFC Business school I firmly believe I will meet every goal I set out to accomplish,” Donovan said.

For more information, please go to to their Instagram at @jem_industries or their Facebook page at

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