Fisher celebrates last day of classes with Roc for the Homeless music festival

Dan Verno, performing on ukulele as Danny Ukes, helped organize the Roc for the Homeless festival. (Photo by Evan Bourtis)

By Evan Bourtis staff writer

On Friday, April 26, Fisher hosted an outdoor music festival featuring seven student and faculty acts. The second annual festival, Roc For The Homeless, raised $1,000 for Rochester Regional Health’s Healthcare for the Homeless program. The program aims to provide medical care to homeless individuals in the Rochester area by sending medical personnel to homeless shelters and through a mobile medical unit.

The festival, held outside of Founders Hall, was organized by the campus organizations like the PRIMA Group, Student Government Association, Ukulele Club, and Old Kids Club. The event also featured food trucks, a photo booth and raffles.

The night started with a performance from Fisher’s acapella group, Drastic Measures, performing several popular songs. This was followed a performance of the Irish Dance club, with club adviser librarian Ben Hockenberry accompanying the group on mandolin.

Adviser Ben Hockenberry, left, accompanies members of the Irish Dance Club. (Photo by Evan Bourtis)

The next act to follow was the trio Happy Accidents, with Ben Covert and Greg Covert on guitar and Jake Covert on base. The band covered a variety of songs, from Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ to Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home.

Senior Dan Verno, “Danny Ukes”, also performed three original pieces on ukulele, including an instrumental piece. Verno is the founder of the Ukulele Club and has been performing his songs at several campus celebrations in the past, such as the Teddi Dance. He is really proud of how many people involved with learning music through Ukulele Club, a sponsor of the festival. “The whole goal of Ukulele Club is to show that everyone can perform music. It’s just one of those things that music is so powerful and it brings people together,” Verno said.

Verno also performed a song from his hip-hop collective, Create Society, which he founded along with some friends from his hometown of East Rochester. The song Verno performed was called Take Note, from his group’s extended play LONE, released last September. DJ Jack Laino played beats to the song and Verno rapped. “It was the first time I had done a Create [Society] song live. And even thought it was just me, it was really cool,” Verno said.

Verno’s performance was followed by sophomore Nick Kinney, who performed songs on guitar. DJ Jack Laino returned to the stage, playing beats for Fisher’s Dance Club. The closing act was the faculty band Big Tuna and the Fisherman, featuring biology professors Gregory Cunningham on vocals, Michael Boller on bass, and chemistry professor Bradley Kraft on piano.

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