BLOG: Life as a fully remote student at SJFC

By Nandi Sommers ’21, Staff Writer

Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

By Nandi Sommers ’21, Staff Writer

It’s my senior year at St. John Fisher College and I would have never imagined that I would be spending my last year at school completely online. In many ways there are pros, but at the same time, cons come into play.

My weekdays consist of zoom classes Mondays through Fridays. I chose to be fully remote because of having an auto immune disease and also having both my parents be at very high risk at contracting COVID-19. I’m currently doing school from my computer in Manhattan, New York. My days consist of waking up early and prepping for the classes I have for the day ahead of me.

Typically, between my classes I find time to complete extra homework assignments and/or do my daily workout routine. I have found that being a fully remote student comes with the benefit of not having to commute and drive 30 minutes a day to campus and search for parking in the early mornings for another 10-15 minutes. Rather now, I can just wake up and enter my zoom ID to attend class.

However, a con in the life as a fully remote student has been the feeling of isolation only due to the fact that I don’t have in-person relationships with anyone on campus anymore. It was always a positive to my day to see familiar faces whenever I was on campus, but now it feels more like a black mirror episode in the making because all of my communication is online. Another con of currently being fully remote is that it’s harder to get the help I need on certain assignments because it’s difficult to get the visual demonstrations I need in order to understand what is going on in class. I feel like I do 10 time more readings and self-learning currently with online school as well.

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I must say even though there has been cons to the situation of online schooling there has been so many pros.  I am able to finish my senior year and at the same time make the connections I need for journalism, modeling, and my music career out in New York City. I had taken a gap year before my senior year of college because I felt as if Rochester didn’t have those opportunities in the fields I was looking for, I wanted to come to New York City and develop work connections for a year straight. I successfully did just that and was saddened to know that I would have to leave my new life behind and go back to school in Rochester in the fall. In March when coronavirus cases began to grow in the United States, all I could think about was how long it would last and if school was even going to be in the picture anymore. I came to the realization later in the summer that due to the risk of contracting COVID-19, online schooling would be my best bet.

Overall, I am happy to enroll in online schooling for my senior year because it has allowed me the opportunity to get my degree in the city I love.

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