Students may struggle to make connections while isolating in dorms

As anyone can imagine, being stuck inside the dorms with the looming threat of COVID-19 always around is a problem in and of itself. To some, the doors to the outside world feel like deathtraps nowadays and if there aren’t people following the rules of COVID-19, everyone is going to suffer. So for the most part staying inside is a recommended thing to do in these times of social change and yearning for our own glimmers of happiness.

The world is changing and knowing how to keep yourself safe and secure despite the encroaching fears of infection. Despite the world and how much it’s changing, what can you do in order to stay safe and not possibly go crazy from being inside all the time? One of the first things could be finding a hobby or at the very least learning something new in the time that you have to keep yourself occupied, always having something to keep your mind off of the reasons why you’re stuck inside. Learning to draw, making a video about something you like, learning and expanding your hobbies is always a good time waster.

Another way of really passing the time while you await your next class could be keeping in contact with your friends via the internet. Keeping close contact with the friends you’ve made is an important part of keeping calm and really building your community. Community is an important part of making it through this year and all that it has to offer and anything else it has up its sleeves.

Now after being asked a question such as “how do you feel about being inside your dorms during COVID-19” a student responded as frankly as, “I mean it’s fine, other than having to wear a mask wherever you go it’s honestly not much different than any other semester in my opinion,” said (students name).”

Some students feel no different when having to stay at the campus other than a slightly different procedure to their daily routine and in which case it’s more of a matter of how one feels about the entire situation. Whether you feel uncomfortable or just plain unaffected about it all, mind yourselves and stay safe during all of this. 

Whether someone is on campus during the semester with another student in their dorms or their at home doing their classes online, always try to build meaningful relationships with those around you in order to really make the time that everyone is sharing during these hard times worth it in the end.

Connections can make or break an individual so as long as you make the relationships kept up as well as your mindset during the climate of COVID-19 and what it brought to the world, everyone should be fine. Remember to stay safe, stay inside and if you’re planning on making any meaningful connections to pass the time, remember to do it safely. Masks save lives and the folly of not wearing one really puts everyone at risk.

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